Enter an estimate of the values below to calculate the statutory fee for the attorney for the estate and the statutory commission for the excutor of the estate.
(Numbers only, no commas or decimals.)

$ Full fair market value of real estate in California (no reduction for mortgage balance)
$ Full fair market value of all other assets that will pass through the estate

NOTE 1: Real estate outside California will be subject to ancillary probate in that state. Do not include the value of out-of-state real estate in either field above.

NOTE 2: Examples of assets that will NOT pass through the estate are (1) joint tenancy property with right of survivorship, (2) assets with beneficiary designations, and (3) premium for bond, if required. Do not include the value of these assets above.

NOTE 3: If the executor if also a beneficiary, the commission is in addition to the inheritance.