Estate Planning ... for individuals & couples

At META law we know that even thinking about estate planning is a daunting task, but we do all we can to make it as positive an experience for you as possible.  In our Legacy Discovery Process, we involve you in the decision-making process, combining educational materials and informative meetings with our specialist attorney and an experienced paralegal.  The result is a plan that you know will meet your needs.  In most cases, we will be able to quote you a fixed price after your free initial consultation.   ... read more

Business Planning  for entrepreneurs & family businesses

If you have built and cared for a business, you have concerns not only about your family and your future, but also about the future of your business.  At META law we have helped a wide range of businesses, large and small, plan for smooth transitions and secure futures.  Our clients include family farms, professional corporations and sole proprietorships, as well as retail, manufacturing, construction and hospitality businesses.  ... read more

Trust Administration & Probate ... for families

The time following a loved one’s death is very difficult, both emotionally and physically.  The survivors may experience a tremendous change in their lives.  It's a trying time of transition.  Yet our legal system requires that survivors make important decisions within a short period of time after a loved one's death, whether or not the survivors are emotionally willing or able to make those decisions.

Here at META law, we are committed to combining our expertise with compassion. We know estate planning and trust administration is about more than just possessions and taxes. It’s about people and families.  When the time comes, we are here to work through the many details with your family, making your loved ones' load lighter and bringing your good plan to life  . ... read more

Charitable Giving & Foundations ... to give back

Many of our clients seek to continue to build on their legacies through charitable giving.  Whether by way of a gift to an existing charity or community foundation, or by creating your own family foundation, the META law team is skilled in advising you on the tax and other benefits of giving, and in assisting you in developing a plan to ensure your legacy for the future. ... read more