Advisor Relationships

First of all, we’re flattered that you’re interested in working with us.  Our approach is based on teamwork, not just referrals. 
What’s the difference?  Well, with a referral, you give your clients our phone number, and they may call us.  But they’ll probably procrastinate and may never call.  This could mean that a crucial component of your clients’ estate planning is missing. 
With a team approach, you get your clients’ permission to call and talk to us.  We have a conversation about your clients’ situation, their goals and concerns.  We talk about your ideas for the clients’ estate planning solutions.  We figure out if we’re a good fit for your clients and vice versa.  Then we invite you to contact your clients and set up a meeting at a time that works for all of us to sit down together to discuss and begin our process.
By making you a focal point in the representation of our mutual clients, it is our goal to add value to your existing relationship with your clients.
If this sounds good to you, we welcome the chance to talk.  Please give us a call at 805.856.3400 to schedule a call with Ted or contact us.