Charitable Giving & Foundations ... to give back
There are many reasons you may give to charity:
  • Values - To continue to give to charities you’ve supported during your lifetime
  • Legacy – To  establish a memorial for yourself and good-will for your family
  • Financial - To decrease or eliminate taxes your estate may have to pay
Whatever your reasons, there are a variety of ways to accomplish your goals:
  • Gifts of a dollar amount or percentage to named charities
  • A donor advised fund managed by your family after your death
  • Your own private family foundation or supporting charity
  • Charitable trusts for tax savings that can also:
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts provide a lifetime annuity for you with the remainder to charity after the death of you and your spouse; or
    • Make charitable contributions for a period of time, with the remainder to your beneficiaries; or
    • Make annual charitable contributions with the remainder back to you after a period of years.
Because charitable foundations and trusts are complex planning tools, they should only be implemented as part of a comprehensive estate plan with the advice of an independent and qualified professional.  Our experienced META law team can provide that expert and independent advice.