Do you have clients with trusts with assets that have a trapped basis?    
Here's an example that may sound very familiar to you: 
  • Many years ago your clients set up a trust. 
  • The husband died and A-B Trusts were set up and funded. 
  • For years you have been filing the 1041/541 for the B Trust.
  • The wife has now died and the assets in the B Trust do not get a step-up in basis. 
  • The assets in the B trust have appreciated significantly and their children are facing whopping capital gains and income tax bills.
The strategy put in place many years ago to avoid a huge estate tax bill is now costing money in capital gains and income taxes – on estates where today no estate tax would be due!
Here's an opportunity for you to be a hero, and free those assets, to achieve a better capital gains and income tax result for your client's family without incurring estate tax.
We have the experience and the tools to analyze, recommend and implement the customized techniques to give your client's basis-trapped assets a step-up in basis on the surviving spouse's death.  These are advanced estate planning techniques that should only be performed by an experienced specialist!
There's more!  For those clients who can amend their trusts, we have a very effective tool to provide flexibility when trusts become "irrevocable," allowing them to adapt to unexpected changes in the tax laws or their personal situations.
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